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Faru chapter 6
                              A Bag Full Of Nemoys
As they moved alone at a very fast yet very smooth pace, Gwen noticed that the trees around them begin to become nothing more then a blur. The wind that should come from moving so fast, for some resin never did as they moved through Balalon Forest. Yet Gwen was paying so munch attention to the trestmounds that she did not really pay any attention to the lack of wind. Gwen could see where several of the trestmound green scales had turned black or was turning black, the trestmound head was long and pointy which made Gwen think of a Volos raptor. Now that she was closer to them, Gwen could see that the trestmounds wings had thin webbing on them that seem to keep the wings close to there bodies. "Can trestmounds fly?" Gwen asked Zolon as she continued to look at the trestmounds with her green
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faru chapter 5
Gwen awoke quite early the next day, and was careful to be quiet as she dressed so she would not wake up Aldred or Lort was sleeping on the other side of the black vale. Gwen stood and stretched her arms and legs and she could hear her bones popping, walking out of the bedroom on her tiptoes, Gwen let out a smile as she saw Lort curled up next to Aldred green hair. Once outside Gwen saw that the two suns of Faru was already starting to rise above Nimrais forest. Gwen walked slowly to the edge of the river that they had crossed the night before to escape the pack of dolmaks that had chased them. Gwen looked down at the water of the river and looked at her reflection. The first thing she noticed was that, their was still a lot of black blood on her fa
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faru chapter one
       Then God said. "Lets us make man in our image       according to our likeness." Genesis 1.26
"You are welcome most noble Sorceress, to the land of the Munchkins. We are so grateful to you for having killed the Wicked Witch of the East, and for setting us free from bondage."
The Wizard of Oz
"Ah, go boil yer heads, both of yeh," Said Hagrid. "Harry-yer a wizard." Harry Potter And The sorcerer's Stone
                                The Land Of Faru
                                     Book I
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faru chapter 4
                           Journey through Nimrais Forest
   The suns rose slowly over the village of Tagon on the third day of Mlyon the third month of Faru year. Elder Xeneon awoke feeling all of his two hundred and fifty years. His body ached as he opened his bright blue eyes, and gazed down at the floor where the young girl from another world slept on the soft brown carpet of his hut. Today the young girl would start on her journey to the Misty Mountains where the Air Witch lived, and who would help Gwen find her way home. Having study her pendent more closely the Elder knew beyond a doubt now that it was the legendary gate key. Which meant that sooner or latter the young girl would have to face the greatest evil in all of Faru.
When Gwen woke up she placed her glasses and saw that the elder had left her a kalyo to eat alone with a cu
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faru chapter 3
Tagon Village
All Gwen could see around her was a vast poisonous yellow desert of waste and destruction stretching as far as her green eyes could see. The yellowish ground was cracked and jutted out at strange sharp angles, hear and their dead looking brown grass sprouted out of the cracked and dusty earth. Looking up Gwen saw only blackness, their was no stars no moon, their was just an endless blackness. The only light came from the flashes of lightning that arched across the darken sky at odd strange angles. Yet for all the lightning that flashed across the darken sky their was no thunder. The air around Gwen was neither hot nor cold it just was, as if the very air had gone stale. Gwen slowly scanned the darken horizon with her green eyes and could just make out what look like mountains in the distance. Yet these mountains looked as if they were very sharp like a razor. Gwen turned around and saw yet another mountain. This one as well was very sharp and stretched so high into the bl
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Faru chapter 2
                                   Savannah Necklace
"Wake up sleepy! I said wake up, wake up!" Jonathan yelled waking Gwen up from a very strange dream involving a cat like creature that could talk. "Go away John, and let me sleep." Gwen said taking a peek at the clock that sat on her writing desk and read a time of seven fifty five in the am. "No way birthday girl got to get up and get ready for your PARTY!" Jonathan said throwing back the covers and exposing his sister to the light before rubbing her dark brown hair making it messier. Gwen opened her green eyes and smiled up at her brother who smiled back before he left the room so Gwen could get dressed. Gwen sat up and stretched her arms and popped her toes. Gwen went to her dresser and put on a clean pair of underwear and shocks, and then she walked to her c
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